What ?

Sensors are in. It is hard to find any product today which hasn’t any sensor; a motion sensor, optical sensor, environmental sensor wellness or health related sensor. Sensors are gathering a lot of information, enabling to control devices, making interfaces to be friendly and adapting applications to the current context. Sensors bring magical smartness to products. And if the sensors are not enough, sensor algorithms are  further enabling possibilities and extending the use cases of sensors to make our life and product performances almost perfect.

Right, but the sensors need work. The work requires understanding and know-how. Sensors are real components following physical, chemical  and electrical rules, and unfortunately any electrical component either sensor is not perfect. And products and markets follow also business rules which set an interesting ingredient to the sensor soup.

Yes, but we look forward positively as sensors offer extreme opportunities when used right for each application and use case. MobileDeviceSensors.com  is smoothing the way to use sensors, to understand applications and use case requirements.

That’s why we have this web-page and all info for you. We offer wide and deep info about sensors used and to be used in mobile devices. Look and order the reports. This gives you very useful way to study, follow, learn and innovate sensor possibilities and solutions. And if you need more detailed or special info, don’t hesitate to ask more. We can help and support your business directly and confidentially.

To Whom ?

If you are a business developer, product planner, product manager,  or product designer using sensors and planning to use them, you will find and learn:

  • how to utilize sensors in the best way and focus to right things
  • about products and use cases using sensors; great solutions and also challenges
  • what is happening in the sensor market.

If you are a business developer, analyst, investor, you will find and learn:

  • about sensor business and products and companies using sensors.
  • what is a new and what is a real innovation, and what might be a hype
  • new sensor opportunities and differentiating things.

Or if you are sensor enthusiast or person who want to learn anything about sensor, please, stay tuned. This is going to be interesting journey.

How ?

We share a lot info directly through this web page. We keep you updated and inform you. Please, leave your email address, SIGN !

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