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Mobile Device Sensors


Silverblip has provided numerous market and business studies on the sensor market area. Silverblip has a wide and deep knowledge about the market, technology, applications and IPs. Thus the reports can be focused or tuned to target to different needs; such as business view, competitor analysis, IP landscape analysis, applications review, technology comparison, technical or business trends. The large data and info and Silverblip’s experience provides also excellent visioning, future trend analyses, and opportunity analyses.

Silverblip also provides and has provided more specific technical or IP landscape analyses for larger market reviews prepared by large market research companies.

Examples of reports made:

Motion sensors in Smart Phones

Sensing in wearables; solutions, sensors, market, companies

Sleep Monitoring; Solutions, sensors, companies, devices

LIDARS – technologies and companies

SmartGlasses – market landscape

SmartWatches; devices and solutions

Activity Monitors; devices and solutions

Noninvasive optical health monitoring; solutions, sensors and devices

Fitness and Sport monitors

Gas sensing in mobile devices

Agriculture sensing review

Sport impact sensing; devices and solutions