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Mobile Device Sensors

Sensor Technologies

Any sensing method needs a technology to be realized to be a real component. Typically there are many technologies even to the same sensing principle. And for the same sensing application there can be many sensing principles. Mostly a sensor component user does not need to care about technology, at least a mobile device user does not care.

But when you are selecting the right component for your application, or you are looking a sensor for your new product, or just comparing components, it is good to be aware about technologies.

For example, a magnetometer or electrical compass:

 A magnetometer is used for motion sensing together with an accelerometer. Now there are solutions which are extending its use to traditional gyro applications. So it possible to replace a more expensive and power hungry gyro with a magnetometer when you select the component and technology right.

The technologies for current magnetometer components are: Hall, AMR, GMR, TMR, MI, and Fluxgate. You can find all them used in current devices. One interesting aspect is that typically one supplier uses its own one technology. Thus when you select a component and supplier you select the technology and vice versa. will list and compare sensor technologies for you.

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