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Mobile Device Sensors

Sensor Applications

There are really unlimited needs to sense the world and its processes. Unfortunately our own senses as well technical sensors are not perfect and error free. And even sensing sensing something useful does not mean that the business around it makes value. is focusing sensors, application as well business in mobile devices; such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and glasses, wearables, gaming devices, activity and sport monitors, personal health care and  home medical devices, and home electrical equipment, robots, drones and Internet of Things (IoT).

We have three approaches. First, to find out and explain the use of sensor in those devices, their key functions, critical elements. The point of view is from sensors but you will find a lot of other as well. Second, to study and review the sensing application and use case. What kind sensing and measuring technologies are possible ? What kind of sensors are available, and what kind of challenges and solutions are there? And finally Third, is there successful business with the sensors and sensing products ?

The following examples will give you our direction:

1. Devices using sensors – approach

  • Smart Phones and Tablets: accelerometers, magnetometers, gyros, ambient light sensors, proximity sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, fingerprint sensors, gas sensing
  • Activity monitors: accelerometers, air pressure sensors
  • Fitness and sport monitors: heart rate sensors, accelerometers, air pressure sensors
  • Personal Health care; scale, temperature sensors, heart rate monitors, skin impedance, skin moisture monitors
  • Home medical devices: ECG/EKG monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, blood oxygen monitors, hemoglobin monitors

2. Sensing Application – approach

  • Motion sensing: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro, air pressure sensor
  • Proximity sensing: optical methods, capacitive methods, other methods
  • Gas sensing: semiconductor sensors, optical sensors, other methods

3. Market view and business point – approach

  • Market view
  • Sensor and sensing cost and value
  • Patents and other IP; patent landscape analysis, freedom-to-operate studies, IP analysis in litigation or conflict cases, risk analysis, and patent licensing