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Mobile Device Sensors

Component Suppliers

Any sensing method which can be implemented to a mobile device has to be able to realized in a suitable format. This means that the sensor has to have electrical interfaces to be connected to mobile device platform, it has to packaged to the package which suitable for manufacturing and testing in a mobile device, and its cost has to be in the level which enables its value added in the mobile device concept.

This has lead to sensor component development that the sensors used are similar to other semiconductor components. They have a digital interface, they are small plastic packages with pins (or WSP) , and go through the same manufacturing process including testing as other components. After that it is not surprise that the suppliers of sensors are mostly semiconductor companies. Yes, they are experts in making excellent semiconductor components, and if they have good sensor competences they make excellent sensors, too. Another way is to have excellent sensor competences and develop components through partnering. We have also great examples of that.

Examples of key suppliers for digital mobile device sensors:

AccelerometerAnalog Devices, Bosch Sensortec, mCube, NXP, Rohm, STMicro, TDK (Invensense)
MagnetometerAKM, ALPS, Bosch Sensortec, Honeywell, mCube, Memsic, NXP,  STMicro, TDK (Invensense), Voltafield, Yamaha,
GyroBosch Sensortec, Rohm-Kionix, STMicro, TDK (Invensense)
Optical sensorAMS, Avago, Interstil, LiteOn, Maxim, Osram, Rohm, Sharp, Silabs, Vishay
Pressure sensorALPS, Bosch Sensortec, Infineon, Measurement Specialties, Murata, NXP, STMicro, TDK (Invensense)
Humidity sensorALPS, Bosch Sensortec, Honeywell, Measurement Specialties, Sensirion, Silabs, STMicro