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2019 SLEEP MONITORING – Solutions, sensors, companies and devices


Comprehensive review and info package about sleep monitoring today. Excellent material for product planners, investors and business developers in health and fitness monitoring business.

Updated report  January 2019 with CES2019 input and a couple of new interviews

This report focuses on the sleep monitors targeted to the consumer market. This is the large and comprehensive study on growing product range of sleep monitoring. 47 players were analyzed. The report discusses:

    • Why sleep monitoring ?
    • Challenges in sleep monitoring
    • Sleep monitoring methods, parameters and sensors used
    • Sleep algorithms
    • Patent status and trends in sleep monitoring
    • Companies and devices in sleep monitoring
      • bed and bedside monitors and wearables
      • other sleep monitoring stories
      • other interesting related to sleep monitoring

Learn and see what is going.

The report is targeted for product planners, business developers, product managers, concept designer, marketing managers and all company executives and investors keen on or working in this product area and technology.

The following companies have been mentioned:

  • Bed and bed side devices: Beddit (Apple), Eight, Emfit, Fullpower Technologies, Health-o-meter, Miracase, Murata, REM-Fit, SafetoSleep (Ospicon), Sleepace, SleepIQ Labs, Teraillon, Withings, Hello, Resmed, Sleepscore Labs, MegaHealth
  • Wearable sleep monitors: Apple, Dreem, EEGSMart, Fitbit, Garmin, MegaHealth, MegaHealth, Motiv, Oura, Polar, Whoop.
  • Other sleep devices: Compumedics, Hexoskin, Holi, Mattel, Philips, Rest Devices, Sleep Shepherd, SomnoHealth (Eversleep).
  • Other sleep devices and interesting cases: iBeezee, Zeo (Axon Labs), Lark Tech, LifeQ, Jawbone, Night Train, Nukute, Acoustic Sheep, Cloudb, Smart Nora, Sensorwake, Itamar Medical, and Urgo.

The whole report is 67 powerpoint pages in .pdf format.

Content of the report:

Content 2
Introduction 3
Why sleep monitoring 4
Sleep monitoring methods 6
Sleep monitoring parameters 7
Sleep monitoring sensors 8
Algorithms for sleep parameters 10
Patent status 12
Medical, health or consumer product 14
Sleep monitors and companies 16
Other stories related to sleep products 56
Other products related to sleep 57
Summary 66